Bodyfuelz 100% Whey Protein 2 Lbs
Bodyfuelz 100% Whey Protein is one of the best Whey Protein Supplement which is a best source of muscle gaining.
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  • Product Code : bf100%wp2lb
Rs 2855.00 Rs 3359
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Bodyfuelz 100% Whey Protein 2 Lbs.
Rs 3359.00
Rs 2855.00
In Stock
Bodyfuelz 100% Whey Protein 5 Lbs.
Rs 6399.00
Rs 5439.00
In Stock


  • Build Muscle


  • Whey Protein

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  • Product Description
  • User Reviews (15)

Product Description

User Reviews (15)

Write a Review

i don't like bodyfuelz whey protein chocolate flavor..

Paxton, Delhi

I got a best result by using bodyfuelz 100% whey protein. Its taste also good Thanks!!!.

Jerry, Delhi

Its a good muscle gainer. I can get a gained muscles in 2 month..

Siju, Mumbai

bodyfuelz whey protein is a good muscle gainer, but i am expecting a different flavour..

Charan, Bangalore

i bought bodyfuelz 100% whey protein and i got a best result. Thanks for the best service you have provided..

Thippu, Chennai

I am from Delhi. I don't get that much of extreme result from bodyfuelz 100% whey protein. But its good for muscle gaining normally..

Riyaz Shaikh

i can choose my best muscle gainer supplement with the use of bodyfuelz whey protein reviews. Thank u !.


I am from Delhi. I have tried bodyfuelz whey protein but i don't get any changes..


I don't like bodyfuelz whey protein..

Sanjay Thakur

I am from Chennai. I tried bodyfuelz whey protein supplement for muscle gaining. It was good but i want more flavour..


I am from bangalore. I bought bodyfuelz whey protein supplement to gain muscle. Now I got an exact result..

Raj Yadav

good muscle gaining product. i got fitness body with gained muscle..


bodyfuelz whey protein is an excellent supplement for muscle gaining. Try this with out any doubts!.


Fantastic muscle gaining product. i am wondering with my gained muscle and fitness body..


bodyfuelz 100% whey protein is a best choice for muscle gaining. I have tried and got better result. Try this!.

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